Housing and the Economy.  We have a housing crisis that affects our local economy.  It is extremely challenging for many to find an affordable place in town, or to stay in the neighborhood they grew up in.  I am promoting affordable ‘workforce housing’ so businesses can hire folks here, and so new firms are able to locate here. I’ve worked to help this happen.

Climate Change.  We can see this in Whatcom County. We live it. More forest fires, more days with smoke in the air, rising sea levels, and critical species disappearing. This threatens our existence. If we act now, and do more, we can avert catastrophe.  I’m advocating for policies here that help us do our part in combating climate change.

Public Safety.  We are safer when we address the needs of our most challenged community members, not when we incarcerate them.  And we can save money doing this. We need to invest in alternatives to incarceration, and in a robust Emergency Medical System.  I’ve worked to support alternatives to jail, and expand emergency services.

Clean Water. It is not a cliché to say that water is life. We depend on clean water in Lake Whatcom to drink.  Local salmon and the people who depend on them, need ample amounts of clean water in our rivers and streams.  Local shellfish, and those who harvest them, depend on clean water in our bays. I continue to protect our waters.