A Strong Local Economy

30,000 new jobs may locate here over the next twenty years. We need to advance the economy that we have, while growing our 21st Century economy with more jobs, and new, sustainable, clean industries.

Whatcom County is home to Bellingham Technical College, Northwest Indian College, Western Washington University, and Whatcom Community College. Our skilled and creative workforce, our proximity to the border, and our spectacular natural setting make this a destination for new businesses.

We need to promote that, retain our businesses and attract new businesses and new, high-wage jobs.

Sound Fiscal Policy

I will be careful with your tax dollars. Whatcom County is considering another proposal for a $100+ million new jail. I support a smaller, smarter, less costly jail than proposed. I’ll continue to work to promote cost-saving strategies for safe pre-trail alternatives to jail, and advocate for funding for treatment for those who are mentally ill and chemically dependent.

Forward-thinking policies that divert some people from jail mean that we spend less of your money while making our community safer and healthier.

We can also save money by planning our growth. I will work to save your tax dollars by promoting responsible growth.

Healthy Environment

Keeping Whatcom a desirable place to live requires that we protect our environment. We need more action to protect drinking water in Lake Whatcom. I will push to finally clean up Lake Whatcom. I'm promoting programs that work with homeowners to restore native vegetation to improve water quality.

Our recent protection of 8800 acres of parkland and forest around the lake was a step forward. I will make sure our new park is accessible to everyone and that the park’s uses have the least possible impact on the lake.

Marine life in Drayton Harbor, Portage Bay, Birch Bay, Cherry Point, and Bellingham Bay are also at risk. I will continue to work to protect these waters as well.

I also support reliable options for public transit, and infrastructure that allows people to choose to live and raise families near where they work, shop and play.

Success Under Threat

I've directed the County to prioritize working families with children, and supported affordable housing programs.

I protected Whatcom from what would have been the largest coal export terminal in North America. The climate impact would have been larger than all of Washington State put together. I'm working to keep refinery jobs from being shipped overseas, and working to protect us from the growing danger of exploding crude oil trains.

These efforts are threatened by the Trump Administration's irresponsible attacks on long-standing policies that protect our local health and safety. I've led the charge against Trump on our Council, and I will continue to do so.