Todd_Portrait.jpgTodd was born in Palo Alto, California, and grew up in San Jose with his three siblings. He worked his way through school in Silicon Valley delivering newspapers and working in the restaurant industry.

Todd met Deb, the love of his life, in high school and they were married soon after graduating. In college, Todd studied economics and government while earning his tuition by working in restaurants, in a chemical plant, as a bike messenger, an RA in his dorm, and picking fruit.

The Donovans moved to Bellingham in 1991 when Todd started his career in teaching and research at Western Washington University, Whatcom County’s second-largest employer. They built a family here with their two incredible teenagers and an adopted spotted dog, Dot.

Todd’s parents taught him to value public service to his community. He has volunteered to serve various boards and commissions at every level of government, from his neighborhood board to the Whatcom County Council. Todd has earned a number of awards for his work at Western, while holding leadership roles in his profession.

- Graduate, Willow Glen High School.  San Jose, California, 1981Family.JPG
- BA, Economics and Government. California State University, 1986
- MA, Ph.D., Political Science. University of California, Riverside, 1991
Community Service:
- Whatcom County Council
- Whatcom County Charter Review Commission
- Whatcom County Citizens Election Advisory Committee
- Columbia Neighborhood Association Board Member
- Whatcom Conservation Voters, Past Chair 
- Professor of Political Science, Western Washington University
- Senior Fellow, Thomas Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service,
  Washington State University
- Washington State Council of Faculty Representatives (previous)
- President, Pacific Northwest Political Science Association (previous)


Todd Donovan for Whatcom County Council