Our community is facing a big decision: to return to the debates of the past, or work toward a sustainable, more prosperous future. As your representative, Todd will promote the economy we already have, and fight to develop high-wage, twenty-first century jobs in new industries. The new economy can only thrive through the support of elected officials.

While working to protect our county’s vital social services, Todd will also take a close look at the new county jail proposal and ensure that our tax dollars are going toward a facility that makes sense for our community.

One of the best decisions our previous council has made is in creating the 8800-acre forested park at Lake Whatcom. Todd will work hard to develop a good trail plan that will balance great recreation and necessary protection of our wildlife, and do so sooner rather than years down the road.

Few decisions are more important for our county council than those made about Lake Whatcom. Todd has an excellent environmental record that includes the protection of the source of half the drinking water for Whatcom County.